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Thanks to the Leaguememe page/wingolos for his support!
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Thanks to the featured Summoners!
Play 1 - iXias on Lee Sin
Play 2 - Penguin Assault on Gnar
Play 3 - Howly on Caitlyn
Play 4 - Kawaii Yasuo on Yasuo
Play 5 - Fiegfried on Ryze
Play 6 - Rejuvenate on Sejuani
Play 7 - KingPushed on Thresh
Play 8 - Toruro on Rumble
Play 9 - Xenofen on Jinx
Play 10 - Angel of Faith on Leona
Play 11 - ECS Birch on Kennen
Play 12 - CHICKEN WINGS on Tristana

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